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16 sebab kenapa biebers patut dinyahkan dari industri

It's crazy what fame can do. This will make you very, very angry.

1. He groped a fan’s breast at a meet-and-greet
Source: In January, Bieber blatantly grabbed one of his female fans inappropriately during a meet-and-greet in Miami. The photo was posted on the pop star’s official fan page. The young girl reportedly asked for Bieber to grope her. Apparently, that makes it okay.

2. He abandoned his pet monkey in GermanySource: In March, Bieber forgot the necessary documentation to bring his pet monkey in and out of Germany. Mally, the adorable capuchin, was taken into custody at a Munich animal shelter, and Bieber was given four weeks to file the necessary paperwork to reclaim him. Instead, he had someone email the shelter to say that he would not be returning for Mally.

3. He showed up 2 hours late to a concertSource: On March 4, Bieber was scheduled to perform at a concert in London at 8:30. Instead, he showed up at 10:20. Many young fans had to leave due to the late hour. Bieber blamed his tardiness on technical problems and claimed that he was really only forty minutes late.

4. He spat on his neighborSource: In March, Bieber’s neighbor in Calabasas filed a lawsuit alleging that the popstar spat on and threatened him. The saliva exchange occurred after an argument over Bieber’s posse driving at excessive speeds through the neighborhood.

5. He visited the Anne Frank House and managed to make it about himself
Source: On April 3, Bieber paid a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. In the guest book he wrote, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” In an act of sheer class, he manages to make the story of a courageous holocaust victim about himself and his pop music.

6. He brought a massive entourage with him when he went on SNLSource: In May, Bieber made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, but brought about twenty other people with him to do things such as hold pizza and Diet Coke for him. They crowded the area backstage, which made it incredibly difficult on other cast members.

7. He drove recklessly through residential neighborhoodsSource: In May, former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson confronted Bieber at his home after the singer drove his white Ferrari through their gated neighborhood at speeds more appropriate for a highway. Johnson, who was walking with his three-year-old daughter at the time, tried to talk to the singer about his dangerous driving, but Bieber scampered inside without saying a word. He also refused to talk to law enforcement about the issue.

8. He got banned from a skydiving facilitySource: In June, Bieber and a group of friends arrived at a Las Vegas skydiving facility minutes before they closed. The facility arranged a payment deal with him that said he could either pay the $1,600 fee or post a photo mid-flight on his Instagram with a shout-out to the company. Bieber elected to post the photo and endorsement, but in the end, he neither posted the photo nor paid the fee. According to the company, Bieber and his group were also very disrespectful and did not tip the staff. He is now banned for life from the facility.

9. He peed into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen
Source: In July, Bieber exited a club via the kitchen, but stopped on his way out to relieve himself into a mop bucket. He also chose the moment to make a political statement, dousing a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning spray and yelling, “fxxk Bill Clinton!”

10. He snubbed a fan who raised $7,000 for cancer in order to meet him
Source: In July, Bieber crushed the feelings of one of his biggest fans: a sixteen-year-old boy with Down Syndrome named Jared Bedard. Jared worked extremely hard to raise thousands of dollars for a child cancer foundation knowing that if he won, he’d win a meet-and-greet with his favorite singer. When Jared finally did meet Bieber, though, the pop star said nothing to him beyond, “What’s up, man,” before sending Jared on his way.

11. He spat on fans gathered outside his hotelSource: On July 27, a crowd of adoring Beliebers gathered beneath their idol’s hotel balcony. Justin took a video and posted it to his Instagram page with the caption, "I wake up this morning to this best fans in the world #beliebers #sexyfans." Moments later, he began to spit on all of them while his friends laughed at his side.

12. He stuck a girl’s phone down his pants and then threw it
Source: At a concert on August 1, a fan threw her phone to the singer, perhaps hoping that he’d give her his digits. Instead, he put the device in his pants and then threw the smartphone in the complete opposite direction of the fan who had thrown it to him.

13. He had his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of ChinaSource: On September 30, Bieber visited the Great Wall of China. Instead of taking the trek himself, he made two of his bodyguards carry him on their shoulders until they reached the top. It was undoubtedly a humbling experience for him.

14. He started a brawl at a club
Source: In August, Justin allegedly “went nuts” inside a New York club. Witnesses say that he took his shirt off and started screaming at another guest inside the building. Bieber was escorted out of the location, but after he left, his guards and friends escalated the situation into a bloody fight.

15. He defaced public property in support of Chris Brown
Source: In November, Bieber got in trouble with Rio de Janeiro law for spray-painting a building, which is punishable by up to a year in jail. Earlier in the week, he also tagged a wall in Bogota, Colombia, but instead of being reprimanded, he was accompanied by a police escort until his work was complete. Many Colombians are outraged due to the fact that a sixteen-year-old local was shot to death by authorities two years prior for doing the exact same thing. Some of Bieber’s “art” features the plea, “Free Breezy” in support of his friend Chris Brown, who is currently in jail on a felony assault charge.

16. He reportedly solicited a prostitute in Brazil
Source: On November 6, Bieber was spotted leaving a popular brothel in Brazil with his bodyguards. He was covered with a bed sheet, but his distinctive wrist tattoo gave away his identity. His reps claim that the singer thought that the location was an exclusive nightclub instead of a brothel. The next morning, a Brazilian girl who is speculated to be a prostitute videotaped the sleeping teen and posted it to her Twitter account.
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